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Salaries for Software Gaming Talent Continued to Grow in 2022

The recently published 2022 Croner Software Games Survey – North America shows that jobs at U.S. software gaming companies experienced material compensation growth in the past year. Noteworthy findings from the 2022 report include [...]

Digital Media and eCommerce Positions Experience Material Growth in Compensation

The recently published 2022 Croner Digital Content and Technology Survey provides in-depth market data on compensation for jobs specific to internet and mobile content and transactions. Noteworthy findings from the 2022 report include [...]

Trends in Pay for Video Gaming Jobs in the U.K.

The Croner Company has conducted the preeminent compensation survey for the U.S. entertainment industry since 2013. The Croner Entertainment Survey – International is launching in 2022 in response to demand from U.S. clients with global locations for compensation data on international entertainment positions. [...]

February 15th, 2022|News & Trends|

Emerging Policies for Hybrid and Permanently Remote Work

The results of a Croner Company pulse survey about remote work show a majority of participating companies will allow hybrid work schedules going forward. Hybrid work is defined as requiring some days in the office and allowing some days to be work from home.  The greatest number of those companies that will allow for hybrid work expect to have [...]

December 22nd, 2021|News & Trends|