The recently published 2023 Croner Local Media Survey provides in-depth market data for compensation growth at local media stations. The report provides data for compensation for jobs specific to local television and radio stations and local advertising sales jobs. The survey results include data from television stations, radio stations, MSOs and digital media companies.

Noteworthy findings from the 2023 report include:

  • Total cash compensation growth year over year for Local Sales Managers and for Account Executives varied by market. Growth among Local Sales Managers was strongest for markets 26-100+. Growth among Account Executives was steady for all markets except for markets 11-25.
  • Similarly, growth in pay also varied by region. Among Local Sales Managers, total cash compensation in the west region is highest in the country. Among Account Executives, actual total cash compensation in the east region is highest.
  • Additionally, among station-specific positions, both middle management and individual contributor levels experienced steady growth in base salary and in total cash compensation from 2022 to 2023. Middle management growth was driven by both base salary and annual bonuses. Individual contributor growth was driven by base salary.

The Croner Local Media Survey delivers data and insights critical to benchmarking pay competitively. The survey data is specific to jobs at companies that broadcast content and /or sell local advertising for cable, television and radio. The Survey results provide meaningful answers to questions about how to compete for jobs specific to local television and radio stations. Data is presented for 90 industry-specific positions along with 16 positions by cross-industry and 11 positions by organization level. Seventeen local media organizations reported on practices and compensation for 21,000 employees.

Survey results were published in October 2023.

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