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Compensation Consulting

We take the complication out of compensation.

Croner helps you develop relevant compensation strategies to motivate, retain, and reward your people. Croner offers customized and insightful consulting to help companies adapt to changing job markets, complex competitive or regulatory landscapes, or internal states of flux.

Our innovative compensation consulting services help your business manage change as you reorganize, acquire, and/or integrate with other companies.

Total Compensation Structure and Plan Design

Starting with a review or development of overarching compensation philosophy and labor market definition, we develop or refine your comprehensive compensation program.  First, we assess how your pay compares to the market; then we create a market-competitive salary structure, job architecture including a job level matrix, bonus plan, and equity plan including individual target bonus opportunities and equity ranges where applicable.  At project completion, you have a structure to manage employee pay for many years to come.

Short-term Incentive Plan Design

Short-term incentive plans (bonus plans) enable you to compete for talent and to motivate that talent to achieve defined goals. Strong incentive plans boost employee performance by clearly linking individual awards to financial results or other measurable outcomes.

Sales Incentive Plan Design

Salesforce compensation represents a significant percentage of total revenue in the industries we serve. A market-based and highly competitive incentive for sales maximizes the return on your investment in salesforce salaries and awards.

We help you create a sales incentive plan that:

  • Appropriately balances risk and reward
  • Motivates and rewards the achievement of exceptional sales results and outcomes
  • Is easy to understand and to administer

Top 8 Elements to Think About When Designing A Sales Plan

Equity Plan Design

Equity or equity-like plans are a critical part of total compensation. To compete successfully for human resources in the technology sector requires a strong equity program.

Your long-term incentive plan should link participants’ interests with those of the shareholders and focus clearly on increasing the company’s long-term value.

Executive Compensation Plan Design

Your executive compensation plan should offer clear links between pay and performance while strictly complying with existing laws and regulations. Our executive compensation consulting can help you craft an executive comp plan that:

  • Keeps executives’ financial interests in line with those of shareholders
  • Is soundly rooted in competitive market data and practices
  • Clearly motivates and rewards significant unit and personal achievements
  • Strikes a balance between short-term cash compensation and rewards for creating long term shareholder value
  • Is easy for executives and shareholders to understand

Pay Equity Analyses

Many organizations are conducting pay equity analyses in support of their commitment to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable work place and to inform compliance of their administration of pay.  Croner will help you develop a rational, consistent, and market-based approach to evaluating job content and compensation for individuals that carry out equal or substantially similar work.

We assist in establishing a pay equity philosophy, as well as criteria and objective methods for assessing pay equity.  We provide you with an overview of gender, ethnicity/race, and/or generational or other representation across your organization and by position and level.  We conduct statistical pay equity analyses and, based on findings, we provide you with guidance on areas to address and recommendations on enhancing compensation administration practices to support pay equity goals.

Consulting for the Philanthropic and Nonprofit Sectors