Croner Entertainment Survey

Entertainment Industry and Television Production Survey

The Croner Entertainment Survey, launched in 2013, is conducted annually for companies that produce theatrical and television content. The Survey invites participation from large film studios, smaller film studios and companies that produce entertainment content distributed in theaters, theme parks and across television and digital networks. The survey also serves the music industry.

Survey Participation Inquiries

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World-Class Participants

The Croner Entertainment Survey is a benchmark compensation resource for studio production and distribution positions in the U.S. film, television and streaming entertainment industries. It includes positions at all organizational levels and reported by entertainment platform in functions such as development, production, content producing / curation, post production, marketing, advertising and promotions, sales and distribution, technical operations, music development and production, consumer products licensing, legal and business affairs, facilities / real estate and G&A.

Media and entertainment organizations use the Survey Results to understand salary differentials and benchmark compensation; to establish job architecture, rational pay levels and pay structures; and to make informed decisions about bonus plans and equity plans.

The 2023 Survey Results include compensation data from 49 companies.

Valuable Data for Critical Decisions

Participant companies use our Survey results to understand salary differentials, benchmark sector-specific compensation, establish rational pay levels and pay structures and make well-informed decisions about their competitive bonus plans and equity plans.

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Position Data Query
  • Croner Entertainment Survey participation includes access to Croner’s Position Data Query on our Survey Portal.

  • This interactive tool allows users to select a position along with cuts of the data, and then a printer-friendly page of selected results will be immediately available.

  • CLICK HERE to view a sample of the Position Data Query, including the types of cuts available by position and the presentation format.

Significant Features

Of the Croner Entertainment Survey
  • Participants include theatrical and television production and distribution companies, music companies and digital entertainment companies, providing a clear picture of entertainment compensation

  • Covers all organization levels and job functions for a total of 1644 benchmark positions surveyed

  • Compensation data results reported by position, level and industry segment, including Film, Television, Music, Consumer Products / Licensing, Studio Operations and Services, Library and Archives, Facilities and Real Estate, Technology / IT, G&A and All Entertainment

  • Tools for Analysis include Titles Matched, Companies Matched and Executive Names Matched

  • Policies and Practices include short- and long-term incentive plan prevalence, eligibility, plan types and key features

  • Results delivered online via our secure Survey Portal, which allows you to download presentation-ready reports for every position (for all results and/or specific cuts)

  • Annual Trends Report provided to all participating companies

  • Comprehensive position descriptions, updated annually to mirror industry changes

  • Annual Interim August Merit Budget Survey included

Key Dates and Survey Pricing

2024 Survey Schedule

Survey Planning Meeting: April 2024

Questionnaire Distribution: June

Data Effective Date: June 1

Questionnaire Due Date: July

Full Report of Results Publish Date:  November

Review of Results Webinar: November

Salary Budgets Survey Supplement: August

Confidentiality Yields Quality Results

The Croner Company conducts all of our surveys as an independent third party. You can trust us. We have many decades of experience successfully ensuring the security, confidentiality and consistency of the data we provide.


All participant submissions are processed securely and held in strict confidence. Survey results are reported only in summary form; no attribution is made to any specific data from any participating entities.

Limited Distribution

Survey results are distributed only to the participants in each survey. All participants are required to sign an agreement that confirms they will abide by our confidentiality standards.

Safe Harbor Practices

The Croner Company’s data aggregation and reporting practices adhere to U.S. Department of Justice and industry standard “Safe Harbor” guidelines to ensure full regulatory compliance and enhance the integrity of all survey results.

Secure Data Management

All of our data submission, storage and distribution practices adhere to privacy and security standards established by the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the joint E.U.-U.S. Privacy Shield Certification program. Click here for more information regarding our privacy policies.

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