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Compensation Surges for Content and Customer Care Jobs

Employees working in content development and customer support earned big pay increases this year — as much as four times the national average. Data from the C2HR Annual Compensation Surveys also uncovered that compensation escalated for executives and middle managers among content developers (programmers), while management grabbed the biggest gains among connectivity providers (MSOs). [...]

2022-08-02T12:06:31-07:00February 13th, 2020|News & Trends|

2020 Croner Animation and Visual Effects Survey Planning Meeting at The Walt Disney Studios

As global consumers show a growing appetite for engaging, high-definition visual experience and moviegoers demand high-quality production, animation and visual effects jobs are at the forefront of today’s entertainment industry.  Animators and visual effects artists are producing content consumed not only in theaters and on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, but also on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. [...]

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