Why participate in a compensation survey?

  • Compensation survey results provide defensible data for market practices for all components of the pay proposition, including base salaries, bonuses, equity awards and sales incentives.
  • Compensation survey results provide insight for how to attract and retain valued skills and employees in competitive markets, including “hot” jobs and specialty skills.

Why participate in a Croner industry-specific compensation survey?

  • Croner data is trusted data. Our participating companies consider the Croner Survey as the “gold standard” of survey data, a primary resource relied upon throughout the year.
  • Industry-specific survey data is a useful compliment to general industry survey data. Why not expand your market resources to include data more specific to your company’s jobs?

For more information about survey participation, please contact Laurie Krashanoff, Manager, Account Relations, at +(415) 485-5521 or laurie@croner.com.

Follow this link to find out more about The Croner Company’s compensation surveys.