Compensation data for jobs in mobile, PC, console, MMO, handheld, cloud, VR, social and casino games

The recently published 2023 Croner Software Games Survey – North America shows that salaries for software gaming talent experienced steady compensation growth year over year.

The greatest increase in salaries for software gaming jobs was for executive-level positions. The increase was driven by strong growth in short-term incentives.

Considered the gold standard of survey data, Croner’s annual report provides data about compensation programs and practices for jobs in all gaming platforms. Platforms include mobile, PC, console, MMOG, social, cloud, handheld and casino games.

Further findings of note include the following observations:

  • “Hot” jobs — those experiencing material growth in base salary year over year — included positions in Technical Art, Quality Assurance Analysis, Customer Support and Data Science.
  • In 2023, base salaries for Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Engineering were highest among U.S. senior professional engineering positions.  AI / Machine Learning was highest among engineering specialties including Security, Graphics Rendering, DevOps, Database, Tools Software, Engine Software, Server, Gameplay, Platform, Release and Quality Assurance.
  • In Canada, Software Engineering and Art positions experienced material growth in base salary.  Also of note, geographic differentials show individual contributors located in Alberta have the highest base salaries across the Canada provinces.

The Croner Software Games Survey – North America is the benchmark compensation resource serving the entertainment software industry in the U.S. and Canada.  It includes compensation data from 64 companies based in the U.S. and 39 companies based in Canada. The survey results reports on salaries for software gaming for 558 unique positions in the U.S. and 188 unique positions in Canada.

Additionally, the Croner Software Games Survey – International serves software gaming companies with offices in the U.K., Europe and Asia. The recently published 2023 international report summarizes the compensation practices of 33 software gaming companies in 16 countries.  The U.K. report contains the most robust reporting on salaries for software gaming, including data for 258 positions along with 64 roll ups by organization level within job family category and 20 roll ups by organization level.


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