The Croner report on how to pay video gaming jobs in the U.K. was recently published. The report showed compensation grew materially from 2020 to 2021. Specifically, growth was across all organization levels. And, all elements of compensation grew:  base salary, total cash compensation and total direct compensation (including equity awards).

In addition, the report also showed that mean base salaries tend to be higher in London than in regions outside of London.

Do you have data to properly benchmark pay against the current market? Learning how to pay video gaming jobs in the U.K. will enhance your ability to compete for talent. Moreover, it will enhance your ability to retain the talent pool you already have.

The Croner Software Games Survey – International is the only resource for market data on how your competitors pay their employees in the U.K. It is the only resource for data on jobs in software gaming studios.

The 2021 U.K. Survey Results provide data from 26 leading software gaming companies.  Data is provided for 206 positions. The data also includes roll- ups by level for 54 jobs within job family categories and 20 roll-ups by organization level.

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Trends in Pay for Video Gaming Jobs in the U.K.