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Software Games Survey – International

The Croner Software Games Survey – International is the benchmark survey of the entertainment software industry for video gaming jobs globally. This leading-edge report provides compensation data for jobs in all gaming platform types – including mobile, social, console, PC, handheld, MMO, cloud gaming, virtual reality and casino games. Major industry players and emerging companies rely upon the Survey results to benchmark compensation, how to pay video gaming jobs – including salary differentials, pay levels, bonus plans and equity plans.

The Croner Software Games Survey – International began in 2007 as a supplement in the Croner Software Games Survey – North America for U.S.-based companies with positions internationally. In 2018, it was launched as a separate survey capturing data on video gaming positions located outside of the U.S and Canada regardless of company headquarter location. The survey results have included robust data on positions in the U.K., along with selected data for selected countries in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia.

The 2020 Croner Software Games Survey – International Report of Results provides compensation data from 24 companies in the U.K., China, Finland, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden for 186 individual positions in the seven countries, along with 76 positions rolled up by level within job family category and 46 positions rolled up by organization level.

For 2021, participation for a single country only is available. For any country excluding the U.K., a company may submit data for a single country and receive the results for that country only, at a reduced fee.

View the Job Families and Positions covered in the Survey here:
2021 Croner Software Games-International Position Grids – U.K and Multiple Countries

2021 Croner Software Games -International Position Grids – Single Country

See all compensation data elements reported for each position by viewing samples here:
Sample Position Data – Game Designer

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Participant Companies

2020 Participant Companies:

CCP Games
Electronic Arts Inc.
Epic Games, Inc. Ltd.
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
WarnerMedia, LLC

Electronic Arts Inc.
Epic Games, Inc.
Redhill Games Ltd.
Ubisoft International
Zynga Inc.

Electronic Arts Inc.
Epic Games, Inc.
Redhill Games Ltd.
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Cloud Imperium Games Limited
Electronic Arts Inc.
Epic Games, Inc. Ltd.
Niantic, Inc.
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Tencent America LLC
Ubisoft International

Electronic Arts Inc.
Epic Games, Inc. Ltd.
Scopely, Inc.
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Electronic Arts Inc.
Epic Games, Inc. Ltd.
Redhill Games Ltd.
Ubisoft International

CCP Games
Cloud Imperium Games Limited
Electronic Arts Inc.
Epic Games, Inc.
Frontier Development plc Ltd.
Miniclip SA
Niantic, Inc.
Playground Games Limited
Scopely, Inc.
SEGA Europe Ltd.
Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited
Space Ape Games (UK) Ltd.
Square Enix, Inc.
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Tencent America LLC
Ubisoft International
WarnerMedia LLC
Zynga Inc.

Position Grids & Job Families Reported

To view a pdf of the complete list of individual positions surveyed, by job family and by level, click here:
2021 Croner Software Games Position Grids - U.K and Multiple Countries

List of Job Families:

Senior Management
Studio Management
Line of Business Management
Production Management
Product Development - Creative
Live Ops Producing
Product Management
Technical Product Management
Game Directing
Systems Design
Game Design
Combat Design
Content Design
Mission / Quest Design
Technical Game Design
Economy Game Design
Level Layout Design
Incentive Game Design
Content Design
Combat Design
Mission / Quest Design
Writing / Story
Narrative Design
Sound / Audio
Technical Sound / Audio Design
Software Engineering
Technical Art
Concept Art
Effects Art
User Experience Design
User Interface / User Experience Art
User Interface Engineering
Technical Animation
Art Outsourcing Management
Artist Management
Video Editing
Trust and Safety
Technology and Infrastructure
Trust and Safety
Server Engineering
Platform Engineering
Database Engineering
DevOps Engineering
Engine Software Engineering
Tools Software Engineering
Audio Engineering
Graphics / Rendering Engineering
Security Engineering
Release Engineering
Release Management
Technical Writing
Digital Assets Management
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Engineering
Quality Assurance Analysis
Quality Assurance Testing
Mastering Lab
Customer Support
In-Game Support
Operations Generalist
Brand Marketing
Product Marketing
Digital Marketing
Customer Relations Marketing
Community Architecture
User Acquisition
Channel Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Creative Services
Creative Services - Graphics / Marketing Multimedia
Creative Services - Writing
Creative Services - Project Management
Public Relations
Trade Show / Events
Esports League Operations
Esports Player Relations
Esports Shoutcasting
Esports Events / Productions
Data and Analytics
Market Research
User Experience / Usability Research
Business Competitive Research
Gameplay Analytics
Data Science
Data Analytics
Business Intelligence Engineering
Website Development
Distribution and Partnerships
Business Development
Distribution and Partnerships
Sales and Marketing Management
Sales Management
Field Sales - Regional
Field Sales - National
Advertising Sales
Programmatic Sales
Sales Analysis
Sales Administration
Account Management
Sales Marketing
Advertising Operations
Legal Services
Information Technology
Financial Planning and Analysis
Finance - Royalty Accounting
Human Resources
Technical Recruiting
Recruitment Sourcing
Internal Communications
Social Responsibility (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
Learning and Development
Outsourcing Administration

Position Data Collected and Reported

To view sample position data, please click here:
Sample Position Data - Game Designer

The Compensation Data Report covers the following compensation elements for each position:

  • Number of Incumbents Reported
  • Number of Companies with Match
  • Geographic Composition
  • FLSA Status
  • Total Average Supervised
  • Incentive Plan Eligibility
  • Incentive Plan Type
  • LTI Eligibility
  • LTI Awards Received
  • Base Salary
  • Target Total Cash Compensation
  • Actual Total Cash Compensation
  • Actual Cash Awards as % of Base Salary
  • Annualized NPV of LTI Awards
  • Total Direct Compensation
  • Paired Comparison Position Match Analysis for Base Salary, Actual Total Cash Compensation and Total Direct Compensation
  • Differentials of average pay between organization levels by job family category

Survey Differentials / Data Cuts Reported Where Relevant:

Cloud Gaming
Social Networks
Handheld Devices
Casino Games
Virtual Reality

Business Model
Publisher with Studios
Publisher / Developer

Specialty / Scope Categories report compensation by specialty or scope for select positions where there is sufficient data for elements such as revenue size and headcount of studio for general managers, manage staff or function for manager and director levels, software engineering specialties, status of university degree for associate levels and size of geographic area for sales positions.

Geographic Composition Categories – United Kingdom Region reports the percent of incumbents working either in the London area or outside of London.

Tools for Analysis provided:

  • Data Observations
  • Methodology and Terminology
  • Paired Comparison: Position Match Analysis
  • Titles Matched

Policy Data Collected and Reported

The Full Report of Results covers Policies and Practices, including:

Participant Profile
Ownership and Business Model Overview
Work Force Size

Short-Term Incentive Plans
Prevalence of Short-Term Incentive Plans
Short-Term Incentive Plan Eligibility
Types of Short-Term Incentive Plans

Product Development-specific Incentive Plans
Prevalence of Product Development Positions
Prevalence of Product Development Incentive Plans
Product Development Incentive Plan Eligibility

Dealer / Distributor Sales Plans
Prevalence of Sales Positions
Prevalence of Incentive Plans for Sales Positions

Long-term Incentive Plans
Ownership Categories for Long-Term Incentive Plan Analysis
Prevalence of Long-Term Incentive Plans
Long-Term Incentive Plan Eligibility
Long-Term Incentive Plan Eligibility by Organization Level
Same Plan(s) to All Eligible or Different Plans by Organization Level
Time-Based and Performance-Based Plans by Organization Level

Survey Schedule

Survey Planning Meeting:
May 12, 2022

Questionnaire Distribution:
August 1

Data Effective Date:
July 1

Completion Deadline:
September 15

Full Report of Results Published:
Late December

Participation Fees

The 2022 Participation Fee for the U.K. and multiple countries is USD$6,000.
The Full Report of Results for all countries reported is included in the fee.

The 2022 Participation Fee to participate for a single country only is USD$2,500.
Compensation Data Results for the single country reported are provided.

Purchase by a Non-participant of the Current Published Report – International Survey
By signing a Participation Agreement for the 2022 Survey and paying a 50% non-refundable deposit toward the 2022 participation fee, a company may purchase the current published Survey data (2021 Report of Results) without having participated in the survey.

The 2021 Results are available for purchase for $11,000, plus a non-refundable 50% deposit of $3,000 towards the 2022 participation fee. Total payment due to receive data is $14,000.

Register to Participate

To register your company for participation in this Survey or to ask questions about participation, please email us at


The Croner Company conducts this Survey as an independent third party to ensure the confidentiality and consistency of the data provided. All data are held in strict confidence and are reported only in summary form. No attribution is made to any specific data from any participating companies. All data published by The Croner Company adhere to the "Safe Harbor Guidelines" from the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and The Croner Company complies with all applicable U.S. and international data protection laws, including the European Union "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR).

Survey reports are distributed only to participants and all participants are required to sign an agreement that confirms they will abide by our confidentiality standards.