The recently published 2023 Croner Digital Content and Technology Survey provides in-depth market data on compensation for jobs specific to digital media and ecommerce transactions.

Noteworthy insights from the 2023 report include:

  • Growth  in compensation for digital media and ecommerce jobs was mixed from 2022 to 2023. Executives, middle management and individual contributor levels experienced moderate growth in base salaries in the range of 2.9 – 3.7% depending on organization level. However, short-term incentives were, on average, below 2022 levels. This resulted in limited to no growth in actual total cash compensation (includes short-term incentive awards) and low year-over-year growth in total direct compensation (includes grants of long-term incentives).
  • The lower total cash compensation growth rates are due to the material growth last year in total cash compensation. When viewed over the past two years, survey data shows strong compensation growth for all organization levels. Total cash compensation grew in the range of 8 – 8.7% depending on level, and two-year growth in total direct compensation grew 7.2 – 12.4% depending on level.
  • Among Advertising Sales positions, while target total cash compensation increased from 2022 to 2023, actual total cash compensation on average declined for all organization levels.
  • Among senior level individual contributors in Software Engineering job families, base salaries for Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning positions remain the highest—out of specialties including Software Architecture, Mobile App Development, DevOps Engineering, Release Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Web Development and Quality Assurance Engineering.
  • Among senior individual contributors in Marketing job families, base salaries of Product Marketing incumbents remain the highest—out of specialties including Brand Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Email/Live Chat Marketing, Audience Development / Growth Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Direct Marketing, Generalist Marketing and Events Marketing.
  • For prevalence of permanent remote work status, the Southwest region has the greatest representation by percentage of permanent remote employees. The West region has the lowest prevalence of permanent remote employees.

The Croner Digital Content and Technology Survey delivers data and insights critical to benchmarking pay competitively for digital jobs. The Survey results provide meaningful answers to your questions about how to compete for digital talent—including geographic differential results for U.S. region and metropolitan areas.

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Moderate Compensation Growth for Digital Media and eCommerce Positions