The 2022 Croner Software Games Survey – North America is currently underway with the distribution of the annual Survey questionnaire to registered companies.

Now in its 32nd year, the Croner Software Games Survey is conducted annually to provide competitive compensation information to companies that develop and publish software for consumer entertainment on all gaming platforms.

Currently, 88 software gaming companies have registered to participate in this year’s Survey. Compensation data from these companies will be aggregated and compiled into a third-party report published for use only by the participating companies. The data will include base salary, bonus, sales commission and equity awards by position for over 600 industry-specific positions.

The Survey questionnaire and related Survey materials are now available for registered participants to download from the Croner Company secure web portal. Croner offers participating companies a comprehensive overview and guide on how to complete the questionnaire. In addition to the Survey results, the Survey participation fee also includes access to the Croner Company’s annual Salary Budget Survey and an annual presentation of compensation trends in the software gaming industry.

The 2022 Software Games Survey – North America covers positions in the U.S. and Canada. The 2022 Croner Software Games Survey – International covers positions located in the U.K., Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. The international Survey is conducted separately and has a separate Survey participation fee. 

For more information, please contact Laurie Krashanoff, Manager, Account Relations, at +(415) 485-5521 or

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