After a successful launch year in 2018, The Croner Company was pleased to begin the 2019 survey cycle for the Croner Software Games Survey – International on May 2nd in London.  The survey cycle launched with the annual Survey Planning Meeting hosted by at their headquarters in Soho.

The annual compensation survey provides market data on pay for jobs specific to the software games industry. The Survey reports on video gaming jobs located in the U.K.  – both inside and outside of London – as well as in countries such as China, France, Germany and Spain.

The 2019 Survey Planning Meeting was well attended by human resources representatives from video game companies based in the U.K., U.S., France and Finland. Topics discussed in the meeting include: the recruiting for software game talent in the U.K. amidst the political backdrop of Brexit; company initiatives focused on transparency about pay ranges; ways to retain talent; and flexible work practices offered at game development studios.

Attendees reviewed the Survey positions for coverage of all current levels and job families.  The breadth and depth of video gaming roles covered by the Survey expands each year to reflect the dynamic game development environment.  As new platforms and specialties emerge, positions are added to the survey Position Grids accordingly.  To reflect recent developments, six new job families and 80 new positions will be added to the 2019 Survey, along with added specialty questions to discern pay differentials — including for a specialty in cloud engineering.

The Survey results provide participant companies with valuable insights on “hot” jobs, premium specialties and market movement of base salary, total cash compensation and total direct compensation.

We look forward to working with this year’s group of participant companies to provide up-to-date, competitive market data specific to software gaming jobs in Europe and Asia.  As the number of the participant companies grows each year, so does the number of positions and countries reported in the Survey Results.

For more information, please contact Laurie Krashanoff, Manager, Account Relations, at +(415) 485-5521 or

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