Are you able to compete effectively for software gaming talent? It may be time to benchmark your salaries and incentives to market data. The recently published 2021 Croner Software Games Survey – North America shows that jobs at U.S. software gaming companies experienced material compensation growth in the past year.

The growth in compensation was across all organization levels. Specifically, the growth in compensation was driven primarily by increases in annual incentives.

Croner’s leading-edge annual report provides data about compensation programs and practices for jobs in all gaming platforms, including mobile, PC, console, MMOG, social, cloud, handheld and casino games.

Further findings of note in the report include the following observations:

  • Among U.S. product development job families, positions in Production Management, Producing, and User Experience Design experienced the highest growth in total compensation, driven by increases in incentives.
  • Among U.S. engineering positions, base salaries for Software Engineering and Security Engineering were highest in 2021 among senior professional level positions.
  • Among U.S. marketing positions, base salaries for Brand Marketing Specialists were highest in 2021 among journey level positions.

The Croner Software Games Survey – North America, now in its 31st year, is the benchmark compensation resource serving the entertainment software industry in the U.S. and Canada. 

Companies use the results to compete for software gaming talent in the U.S. and in Canada.  The 2021 report summarizes the compensation programs and practices of 61 companies and 505 positions in the U.S. and for 22 companies and 105 positions in Canada. The results provide data on base salary, total cash compensation and total direct compensation.

Additionally, the Croner Software Games Survey – International serves entertainment software companies with offices in the U.K., Europe and Asia.  The 2021 report summarizes the compensation practices of 32 software gaming companies in six countries.

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