The 25th annual Croner Digital Content and Technology Survey will be launched on Thursday, January 28, 2021, when long-time and new survey participant companies gather virtually to plan for this year’s Survey content.  This annual Survey planning meeting, conducted with compensation and human resources executives, ensures the Survey remains fresh and relevant in this dynamic industry.

The planning meeting will include:

  • Presentation by CEO Hali Croner sharing the latest compensation and benefits trends in the digital industry.
  • Determination of the positions to be included to keep the Survey relevant.
  • Roundtable discussion of current challenges and hot topics for the industry HR professionals.

The Survey provides up-to-date and complete market compensation data to companies in the “digital” space, those that develop and publish frequently updated digital content as well as provide ecommerce, transactions and services.  Industries represented at the meeting will include Business Products / Services, Digital Advertising Services, Ecommerce Retail, Ecommerce Transactions, Financial Services, Media Online, Online / Mobile Gaming, Publishing and Web Publishing / Special Interest.

Participant companies use the Survey to gain ready insight into trends, to create rational pay plans and to stay well informed about going market rates for new hires, promotions, bonuses and talent retention.

The 2020 Survey Results include compensation data on over 115,000 employees in 100 companies, including the search / social media companies which set the market for digital jobs.  Data cuts enable each company to analyze meaningful information by region, specialty and industry segment.

For more information, please contact Laurie Krashanoff, Manager, Account Relations, at +(415) 485-5521 or

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