Sam Syde, Consultant, The Croner Company

Sam Syde


Sam joined The Croner Company in 2015. He leads a diverse array of consulting engagements for mission-based organizations, including philanthropic foundations, nonprofits and non-governmental organizations.   


Sam’s expertise includes the review and development of programs for broad-based staff compensation, executive compensation and board compensation. He specializes in the articulation of compensation philosophies for organizations with uniquely hybrid markets for talent. Additionally, Sam leads special studies which include reviewing internal pay equity, establishing organizational career architectures, formalizing short- and long-term bonus and incentive programs, assessing staff and executive benefits and conducting custom surveys. 


Sam also serves as an expert advisor for our annual Croner Compensation Survey of Foundations. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a BA in Political Science and a BS in Environmental Science, Policy and Management. Sam’s experience prior to joining The Croner Company includes survey research and policy analysis.