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Media Survey

The Croner Local Media Survey, launched in 2013, is conducted annually for companies that broadcast content and sell local advertising for cable, television and radio. The Survey invites the participation of television stations, radio stations, MSOs, digital organizations, publishers and other media companies.

The Survey results report market data for locals sales salary including for local advertising sales jobs as well as for programming and operations jobs at local television and radio stations in the U.S. Comprehensive compensation data and market ranking is provided for all positions including for local sales manager and account executive positions. Media companies use the media survey results to understand salary differentials, benchmark compensation and set pay structures for their local sales and broadcasting organizations.

The 2021 Results provide data for 78 industry-specific positions along with 27 positions by cross-industry and 11 positions by organization level, representing 22,000 employees in 15 local media organizations.

View the Job Families and Positions covered in the Survey here:
2021 Croner LMS Position Grids

See all compensation data elements reported for each position by viewing samples here:
LMS – Account Executive Sample Data

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Participant Companies

2021 Participant Companies:

Altice USA, Inc.
American Public Media
Charter Communications, Inc.
Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.
Cox Communications, Inc.
Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution
iHeartMedia, Inc.
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
The E.W. Scripps Company
Univision Communications Inc.

Position Grids & Job Families Reported

To view a PDF of the complete list of positions by family and by level, please click here:
2021 Croner LMS Position Grids

List of Job Families:

Local Advertising Sales
Local Ad Sales
Digital Ad Sales
Local National Sales
Sales Planning
Sales Operations
Sales Account Service Management
Inventory Management
Media Operations
Advertising Sales / Credit Collections

Television Stations
TV Management
TV Digital Content
TV Broadcast Operations and Engineering
TV Operations / Logistics
TV Programming
TV Producing
TV Ad Producing
TV News Directing
TV Assignment Desk
TV Managing Editing
TV Directing
TV Technical Directing
TV Chyron
TV Photography / Videography
TV Multimedia Journalism
TV Reporting
TV Marketing
TV Communications / Public Affairs
TV Promotions
TV Promotions Producing
TV Creative Services
TV Research

Radio Stations
Radio Management
Radio Digital Content
Radio Broadcast Operations and Engineering
Radio Engineering Maintenance Technicians
Radio Business Operations
Radio Programming
Radio Producing
Radio Ad Producing
Radio Production
Radio News Directing
Radio News Writing
Radio Sports Directing
Radio Marketing
Radio Communications / Public Affairs
Radio Promotions
Radio Promotions Engineering
Radio Event Programming
Radio Creative Services
Radio Research
Radio Non-Traditional Revenue

General and Administrative
Administrative Assistance
Information Technology
Finance & Accounting
Credit & Collections
Human Resources

Position Data Collected and Reported

To view sample position data, please click here:
Sample Position Information LMS - AE

The Compensation Data Report covers the following compensation elements for each position:

  • Base Salary
  • Target Total Cash Compensation
  • Actual cash awards as percentage of base salary
  • Actual Total Cash Compensation
  • Annualized value of LTI awards
  • Target Total Direct Compensation
  • Total Direct Compensation

Position Scope elements reported:

  • Degree of match
  • FLSA
  • Collective bargaining
  • Market Rank
  • Position title
  • Title of supervisor
  • Number of employees supervised
  • Geographic location
  • Short-term sales incentive eligibility
  • Short term incentive targets and awards as a percent of base salary
  • Long-term incentive eligibility
  • Long-term incentive received

Survey Differentials / Data Cuts Reported Where Relevant:

  • Market Rank
  • Industry - MSO, Radio, Television
  • U.S. Region
  • Metropolitan Area
  • Sales Revenue
  • Specialty / Scope - News, Sports, Manages Staff, Manages Function

Policy Data Collected and Reported

The Full Report of Results covers Policies and Practices, including the following sections:

Participant Profile
Start of Fiscal Year
Last Year Fiscal Revenues
Workforce Size
Industry Composition

Short-term Incentive Plan Design
Prevalence of Plans
Changes to Plans in Past Year
Eligibility Levels
Type of Plans
Plan Funding and Award Caps

Long-term Incentive Plan Design
Prevalence of Plans
Changes to Plans in Past Year
Eligibility Levels
Type of Plans
Plan Design
Stock Option Plan Vesting
Restricted Stock (Units) Plan Vesting

Survey Schedule

Survey Planning Meeting:
March 17, 2022

Questionnaire Distribution:
May 1

Data Effective Date:
May 1

Completed Questionnaire Due Date:
June 15

Interim Salary Budget Survey:

Full Report of Results Published:

Participation Fee

The 2022 Participation Fee is $10,700.
The fee includes the 2022 Full Report along with the Interim Salary Budget Supplement.

Additional Custom Analytical Reports Available to Survey Participants
For an additional fee, a participant company may select a subset of companies from the participant list for a custom rerun of the data made up only of the list of companies selected. A minimum of ten companies is required for a custom report.

A custom rerun of the full dataset, including all additional cuts reported for each position such as geographic or scope, is $1,500. A custom rerun that includes the "All Incumbents" line of data by position (no additional cuts reported) is $750.

Register to Participate

To register your company for participation in this Survey or to ask questions about participation, please email us at

Purchase of 2021 Results as a "Non-participant"

Purchase of 2021 Results as a "Non-participant"
If you missed the participation cycle for the current year, the Survey results may be purchased without having participated in the Survey, with a requirement to participate in the subsequent year Survey. A non-participant company must employ positions that match to the Survey positions.

There are two options for purchasing the current report.  Both options require paying a 50% non-refundable deposit in advance toward the subsequent year participation fee.

The 50% deposit for 2022 participation is $5,350.

Purchase Option #1:
The 2021 Full Report of Results for $19,400

  • The 2021 Full Report of Results is available for purchase for $19,400 plus a non-refundable 50% deposit of $5,350 towards the 2022 participation fee.
  • Total payment required to receive the 2021 Full Report of Results as a non-participant is $24,750.
  • To receive the 2022 Full Report of Results, your company's survey submission would be due in May 2022 along with the second half participation fee payment of $5,350, due in July 2022.

Purchase Option #2:
10 Positions from 2021 Compensation Data Report for $4,850

  • Compensation data only, for up to 10 positions, selected from the 2021 Full Report is $4,850, plus a non-refundable 50% deposit of $5,350 towards the 2022 participation fee.
  • Total payment required is $10,200.
  • To receive the 2022 Full Report of Results, your company's survey submission would be due in May 2022 along with the second half participation fee payment of $5,350, due in July 2022.


The Croner Company conducts this Survey as an independent third party to ensure the confidentiality and consistency of the data provided. All data are held in strict confidence and are reported only in summary form. No attribution is made to any specific data from any participating companies. The Croner Company aggregates data using DOJ "Safe Harbor Guidelines" to ensure full regulatory compliance of the Survey report.

Survey reports are distributed only to participants and all participants are required to sign an agreement that confirms they will abide by our confidentiality standards.