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Annual Planning Meeting for Compensation Survey of Entertainment Jobs

Posted on Apr 12, 2021 by in Recent Developments

The 2021 Croner Entertainment Survey will be launched on Thursday, April 15, 2021 when participating companies gather virtually to plan the content for this year’s Survey.  This annual Survey planning meeting, conducted by The Croner Company, is attended by compensation and HR executives from large film studios, small film studios, music producer and distributors along […]

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Posted on Feb 26, 2021 by in Recent Developments

The fifth annual planning meeting of the Croner Total Compensation Survey of Foundations will be held on Thursday, March 4, 2021.  Sponsoring foundations of the Survey will meet to discuss survey content and timely issues facing human resources professionals during remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The planning meeting agenda will include: Presentation by […]

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Talking Comp: Pay, Perks & Purpose

Posted on Sep 14, 2015 by in Recent Developments

Hali Croner, CEO of The Croner Company, will be a featured speaker at the CTHRA “Future Forward” Symposium held in Philadelphia on November 3, 2015. Hali will be addressing the need to expand our notion of compensation in order to compete for talent in today’s – and tomorrow’s – marketplace.  Click here for Symposium details.

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Why Participate in Compensation Surveys?

Posted on Aug 9, 2013 by in Attracting and Retaining Talent, Compensation Solutions, Compensation Surveys

Many Human Resources professionals, particularly those in smaller companies, struggle to convince management to pay to participate in one or more compensation surveys.  Why?  The answer, typically, is “… it’s too expensive …” However, would your management ever consider: Guessing at sales revenue from your top ten customers? Pricing your leading products based upon a […]

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What Business Are You Really In?

Posted on Feb 11, 2012 by in Compensation Programs, Compensation Solutions, Compensation Surveys, Recent Developments

Competing for Digital Talent Retailers are retailers, right?  Perhaps not! William J. Lynch Jr., Chief Executive of Barnes & Noble was quoted in the New York Times as saying that Barnes & Noble … “is, in fact, a technology company.”1  How does a venerable book seller with roots dating back to the 1870’s suddenly change […]

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